NodeBots at Codemash

An epic thing happened last week. The CodeMash 2015 session list was released. There are some AMAZING sessions lined up. I can’t wait to go. Don’t forget to register!

NodeBots at CodeMash

NodeBots at CodeMash

One particular session I am excited about is the NodeBots pre-compiler. John Chapman and I are working hard to put together an immersive hacking experience. With over $5000 worth of Arduinos, servos, electronics, power sources, cables, wood, tools, and artsy-craftsy stuff (all donated by my employer, CareEvolution), you just need to supply the creativity.

More details will follow later (follow us on Twitter), but here are some simple details:

  1. The NodeBots pre-compiler will run BOTH Tuesday and Wednesday
  2. You will pick ONE of those days to attend
  3. You will need to pre-register in order to participate
  4. You will build a bot to compete in the “Octogon Battle” or “Autonomous Maze”.
  5. If you don’t want to compete in one of those things, you can hack and build however you want.

At one of our recent hackathons, we beta-tested the NodeBots event and it was really, really fun. We even made a highlights video!

Hacking Nodebots